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After a deep analysis of the prospects for the symposium and the possibilities of extending the circle of participants, we have made the decision to change drastically the ideology of symposium preparation and the scheme of its implementation. 2 rounds of the symposium this year are based on our members' desires, on opportunities to expand the geography of the symposium, as well as on the results of a pilot project that we had implemented last year.

Kiev is Ukraine's business center. The headquarters of all Ukrainian operators and the leading providers are situated there, which ensures a high level of  business contacts for potential participants who wish to take efficient business trip to Ukraine.

Odessa - the tourist center of Ukraine, in which we can give our members a unique opportunity to combine important business meeting with a good rest on the Black Sea and to consolidate the agreements reached in Kiev.

In addition, we see the urgent need to create not only a platform for negotiations at the symposium, but also to provide participants some new and unique ideas and know-how, which would focus not only on quantitative but also qualitative development of our members' business, demonstrating the latest technologies and services.

To this end, we have put in a schedule of the symposium the Specialized section "Information and communication projects"

Last Updated on Saturday, 12 September 2015 16:58
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